Why Do Do Few Americans RESPECT Those With Different Views?



Why Do Do Few Americans RESPECT Those With Different Views?

Although, I may disagree with your opinion, completely, I will do all I can, to defend your right to express it! When I was growing - up, my parents created that insight, and perspective, into the way, I looked at, and perceived things, and people. Doesn't it seem, that is rarely the case, these days? In recent memory, do you ever remember, so much polarization, and unwillingness, to effectively listen, to any contrary/ oppositional view/ opinion? For some time, our public, elected officials, seemed to achieve little, because, they refused to come to any, meeting - of - the - minds, for the common good, and, rather, resorted to the same - old, same- old, partisan ways! However, recently, we have witnessed this, go, to an even greater - extreme, either, because of how, President Donald Trump has made the haters, feel enabled, or, perhaps, this factor/ behavior/ lack of respecting others, was one of the key reasons, he was elected, a few years ago! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why so few Americans RESPECT those with different views/ opinions/ perspectives.

1. Realistic; rationale/ reasoning; relevance; responsive/ responsible: Although, many have a passionate attitude, when it comes to their personal, political positions, unless/ all parties are ready, willing, and able, to proceed, with a realistic mindset, and attitude! Are you capable of proceeding with a rationale, and the reasoning, to demand, relevant, responsive leadership, and supporting, individuals with quality characters? If, each of us, thought, this, way, and believed, we are each, personally responsible, to set the right example, it would make a significant difference!

2. Empathy; emphasis: We need to effectively listen, and learn, from every conversation, and experience, in order to gain the judgment, and expertise, to differentiate between, empty promises, and the rarer individual, with genuine empathy! This is important, become one's empathy (or lack of), often determines, where he might place his emphasis!

3. Solutions; sustainable; strengths: President Trump appears to be, an expert, at feeding, inspiring, and motivating his core supporters, knowing what they want to hear, and providing his version of that populist message! Rather, if we want to bring people, together, we need leaders, who provide, viable solutions, in a clear - cut, way, and weighs, the longer - term, sustainable impacts, and/ or, ramifications, of his actions, and rhetoric! We need leaders, with strengths, which focus on unification, instead of polarizing!

4. Priorities; planning; perspective: Whose priorities, are being served, and represented? Instead of, apparently, motivating the haters, we would benefit, with leaders, who proceeded, with well - considered, planning, and had a perspective, to bring others together!

5. Efforts; excellence: Unless, public officials, used their efforts, proactively, to seek quality, and excellence, we can expect, this lack of cooperation, and mutual respect, to continue, into - the - future!

6. Character; coordinate; common good: How many times, in the last, nearly four years, have we observed, Donald Trump, change his narrative, and, blame others, rather than taking personal responsibility? When the Press, any former associate, or administration member, etc, stated, anything, he seemed, not to like or agree with, he seemed to demonstrate a divisive, rather than unifying character! Instead, we would be better - served, if we elected people, who strove to coordinate activities, towards the common good!

7. Timely; time - tested; truth: There's no place for procrastination, but, we need, well - considered, timely action! It must, also, be, time - tested, and the public needs, and must demand, the absolute truth!

President Trump is unlike his predecessors, in many ways, which his core supporters, seem to like, but, others, oppose! Since, he rarely shows anyone else, any RESPECT, he sets this undesirable example, for his followers, who also, seem, unwilling to respect any opponents!

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