How Good Was Trump's Pandemic Response?: 7 Considerations



How Good Was Trump's Pandemic Response?: 7 Considerations

Although, some of his opponents, may believe, and say, so, it is both, untrue, and unfair, to hold President Trump, responsible, for this horrific virus, and, ensuing, pandemic! On the other hand, his, early, refusal/ inability/ denial, of the existence, and/ or, ultimate severity of it, may have cost, a considerable degree of added, human suffering, illness, and, loss of life! Presently, the United States has experienced, the most cases (over 5 million), as well as nearly, 160,000 deaths, both numbers, representing, slightly under a quarter of the world's cases, although, our population is less than 5% of the total number of people, in the world! Many believe, had Trump proceeded, proactively, from the first awareness by public health experts, taken it seriously (instead of calling it, a hoax), set the proper example for others (wearing a mask, social spacing, and encouraging others, etc), and put public health policy, and the health and well - being of the public, ahead of politics, the severity would have been severely reduced, with, fewer cases, suffering, and deaths. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 7 relevant considerations.

1. Preparation: Although, his predecessors, warned, of the need to be prepared, for a potential pandemic, and have quality experts, as well as the national stockpile, in place, by early 2018, Mr. Trump, significantly reduced the degree of influence, by these professionals, largely disbanding, and/ or, minimizing/ reducing it, and reducing funding, for this sort of preparation.

2. Timeline: Once again, the suggested timeline, offered by this President, and, the information, discovered, and revealed, indicates, the likelihood, Trump was informed, no later than January 2020, about the initial virus, in China. Despite his denials, the World Health Organization, advised, the world, of the pending concern, and, although, he claims, he was the first to cut - off flights, from China, statistics and data (facts) indicate, we were approximately, the 47th, to do so. By that time, millions arrived on the West Coast, from China, and, because, it wasn't until, about 4 to 6 weeks, later, before he eliminated, flights from Europe, the East Coast (especially, New York), was infected, with the virus, which created horrific results.

3. Rhetoric/ example: Those, who have observed, Trump, for a while, are used - to, his tendency, to articulate many empty promises, and use rhetoric, and vitriol, when, he continued, this approach, and refused, and/ or, was unwilling to set the needed example, by supporting the advice of the public health professionals, wearing a mask, social spacing, etc, it make things, far worse!

4. Not a hoax: Claiming, it was a hoax, or political stunt, etc, largely created an atmosphere, where his core supporters, apparently, felt enabled, and entitled, to proceed, as if it was, oppose and refuse to cooperate, in wearing a mask, etc, and, thus, was a factor, in the spread of the virus!

5. It is what it is: When, President Trump, recently, stated, his administration, was doing the best job, possible, and our statistics were better, than the rest of the world (not at all factual), he also responded to someone's questions, stating, It is what it is. How do you think, that made, the many Americans, who have suffered a loss, feel?

6. The science and data: Science matters, and data counts! No matter how many times, he declares, the number of cases, is going up, because of increased testing, etc, that does not seem, likely, or accurate! Isn't that like, saying, if we didn't test, for cancer, we wouldn't have any cases?

7. How many more must die? How many more, must suffer, be exposed, worry, and have their lives, negatively, impacted, as well as die, before, we witness, genuine leadership, and adequate attention to the public health dangers?

Wake up, America, and demand, better leadership, and Hold Trump Accountable, for what I have come, to refer to, as, Trump's Deadly Pandemic Response. Why must so many, suffer, more, because, of this President's apparent, refusal, etc, to proactively, follow the advice of the professionals?

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